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After Vinnik`s arrest, one of BTC-e`s biggest clients, Belarusian Dmitry Vasilyev, offered to help Chouchouchenko relaunch the exchange under the name Wex. Then, last summer, the work of the stock exchange was frozen and Vasilyev announced that he was selling the platform to a Ukrainian businessman, Dmitry Khachenko, who fought with Russian-backed rebels in the Donbass under the nickname Of Moryachok (“little sailor”). The rbc Media House (Rus) has put Moryachok in contact with Borodai, the former head of DNR and former employee of Malofeev. While the national anthem was being played, men in the Cossacks wore an icon of the last Russian czar Nicholas II last November in a conference room outside Moscow. In previous weeks, the icon had been flown along the borders of the former Russian Empire and visited dozens of local parishes – now it was in Zargrad, a malofeev-owned hotel, for the second meeting of the double-headed eagle company. “It is 2014,” Malofeev told those who had gathered. “By the end of 2019, we need to reach 10,000 members.” Ramsay had consulted a few lawyer friends who told him that they believed he was on the right track, that a verbal agreement was binding. In addition to Zargrad, Malofeev has links to more than 10 charities and other organizations. Their accounts (Rus) show that its generous funding ended with the imposition of sanctions. Three weeks before the trial date, Bell contacted Ramsay again. He was offered 1000 $US for counting, but he had to sign a confidentiality agreement. Once again, Ramsay refused.

Figures show that Malofeev`s preferred project is the media company Tsargrad – it is the second most loss-causing company. Zargrad`s media do not publish annual accounts, but between 2014 and 2018, there were about 1 billion rubles in the red numbers. In terms of audience size, the Tsargrad TELEVISION channel, created in 2015, can be compared to the media associated with Yevgeny Prigochine, the tycoon close to Putin, who is linked to the st. Petersburg troll factory. While Prigozhin`s media projects are estimated at 5.5 million viewers, the monitoring service Yandex.Radar has given Tsargrad television an audience of more than 7 million. Zargrad`s press service said the network received 11 million unique website views each month. “I couldn`t believe it,” Ramsay says. “They simply refused to take into account my argument that I had an oral contract. I even sent them a link to this section of the law, which they ignored.¬†An October meeting of the organization brought together 200 people, including Malofeev`s son, Kirill, a famous cyber sportsman; A group of Cossacks; priests; and the men on the cover who accompany the Borodai. In his speech to the Assembly, Malofeev criticized both the liberals and the ruling United Russia party and mocked the United Russia candidates who hid their party affiliation in September`s local elections. He attacked “fascinating liberal ideas” that led to degradation and extinction, and called for a review of the authorities.

In March, Malofeev A joined Just Russia, a former centre-left party that is now a pro-Kremlin party with only 23 seats in parliament. In exchange for sponsorship, the businessman was apparently promised to lead the party and the carte blanche to impose his agenda. But the nationalist Rodina (mother country) party, which has no seats in parliament, is also courting Malofeev, according to leader Alexei Shurovchev. “We had some discussions with Konstantin Malofeev about his participation in our work,” the politician recalled. One way was to use Rodina and a Russia just as a basis to create a new political party with a monarchist ideology – but there was never an agreement.

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