Cisco Services First Agreement

Universal Contracts for Social Enterprises Provide CIC provides infrastructure and licensing support as part of an agreement. Currently, we employ approximately 1,000 people in front-line positions (such as doctors, nurses and therapists) and in support functions (such as receptionists, accountants and installation staff). We offer a wide range of services, including group care, stroke rehabilitation, physiotherapy, specialized services for children and people with long-term conditions, healthy lifestyle services (such as smoking bans) and sexual health services. Our care services enable people to lead independent lives. Cinos Communications Services (CCS), a provider of infrastructure, communication, UC and collaboration services, is the first Cisco 2-level partner to provide a comprehensive first service and service coverage contract in the UK and Ireland. Services are controlled by the NHS and local councils. Its services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The agreement with the social enterprise`s long-time customer, Provide CIC, removes the requirement to acquire point-of-sale support. Instead, this comprehensive contract provides maintenance across the entire Cisco network in a contract.

This offers the flexibility to add and remove network equipment and sites, knowing that their investment does not maintain services that are no longer used. Our staff will take care of three municipal hospitals (Halstead Hospital, Braintree Community Hospital and St Peter`s Hospital in Maldon), as well as community clinics and people`s homes. They are committed to providing safe, effective and compassionate care and ensure that those who use our services have a positive patient experience. Each month, a detailed inventory of products and services is conducted, allowing CCS to measure the use of Provide and adjust the fee at the end of 12 months to reflect the assistance provided and the intended use in the future. This will allow Provide and CSC to ensure that the Cisco licenses put in place are managed and tracked effectively. Ultimately, it ensures that all products and services are supported and that customers do not pay for devices that have been replaced or closed before the end of the contract. Provide is an employee-owned business venture (often referred to as a social enterprise). Founded in April 2011, it provides health and municipal care services in Essex, the far north-east of London and East Anglia. As a community-based company, any surplus that our employees get through more innovative and efficient work is reinvested in our services and/or in the local communities we serve.

Cisco® Software Support Service (SWSS) provides technical support for The Cisco software applications and suites you have long-term licensed. SWSS provides basic coverage of the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to minimize downtime and maintain system performance as expected. And you get added value over time, with access to the latest features, features and technologies at no extra cost. If you have a license for your products on the basis of a subscription, basic support coverage is included in the product license. Current innovations increase product value for Cisco ONE software customers who have a valid SWSS contract, with access to new features and sequel features that are then added to a purchased suite. For more information, please contact `protected email` or phone 0300 303 2669. Engineers specializing in the award-winning Cisco TAC are available 24 hours a day to analyze software issues and help you get app availability when troubleshooting. Increased knowledge and productivity contributes to cost reduction and is essential to reduce the time it takes to solve a problem. Cisco`s extensive online troubleshooting resources and tools help answer frequently asked questions, develop the expertise of your IT professionals, and provide quick access to the latest versions of the software.

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