Goa Master Agreement

“Agreement”: The Service Order Form (SOF), Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Service Level Agreement (SLA), including accepted user policies (AUP). Any conflict between the documents is resolved by reading the documents in the order above. “Concerned party” refers to the party that invokes the advantage of force majeure. “AUP”: means an acceptable user policy that is published on the Infinite.Cloud website www.infinient.cloud/acceptance-user-policy/ because it can be changed from time to time. “Working day”: means Monday to Saturday, without the second and fourth Saturdays and public holidays. “due date”: the two-day deadline from the billing date of Infinitent.Cloud. `effective date`, the date on which the SOF is completed in all respects, with the WMA and WADA. “initial concept”: the minimum duration of 12 months, whose master service contract refers to “INR”: Indian rupees. “USD”: means dollar (s) dollar(s).

“extending period” refers to a period similar to that mentioned in the initial term and which automatically extends after the expiry of the original term, unless the customer notifies services at least thirty (thirty) days before the expiration of the initial period, as indicated in point 19.1 of this Agreement. “Service” refers to the hosting service, such as the provision of servers, other devices, as stated in the SOF, with all the equipment listed in the performance catalogue and all other complementary services that the customer requests in writing. The “service catalogue” includes all services or equipment including the backup device, dedicated firewall, hardware monitoring device, support support, Load Balance server, network availability and performance, operating system management and shared firewall services, as described in Schedule A of ALS, which can be used by the customer with the services mentioned in Infinite SoF. Cloud. “Service Level Agreement (SLA) refers to the service level agreement that was referenced in the SOF. “Service Order Form (SOF) ” is the SOF filled out by the customer, as accepted on the Infinitent website. Cloud on www.infinient.cloud/ and accepted by the customer in accordance with the terms of the MSA and ALS. The start date is the date on which Infinite.Cloud sends the welcome kit to be used in conjunction with the services. “Service credits” are the credits the customer would get as a result of the Infinity`s omission. Cloud to provide services in accordance with ALS standards. “Additional Services”: refers to all other services requested in writing by the customer that are not those agreed by Infinitent.Cloud, as mentioned in SOF. “Territory”: refers to the territory of India 19.

NOTE 19.1 All customer messages regarding this contract must be sent to The Commercial Service of Infinitent.Cloud by email, as stated on the site, and by mail at the address below This master service contract (contract) between Infinite.

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