Green Light Agreement

Professional services and ggMaterials are provided by in accordance with the specific conditions set out in a proposal and all associated addendums. Click here to see the list of licensed camera installers, cloud storage providers, signatories and green light providers j. Severability: If any part of this arbitration provision is considered invalid or unenforceable, such a finding will not be quashed in a remaining portion of this arbitration provision, agreement or any other agreement you have entered into with us. However, regardless of the language of this arbitration provision or this agreement, the waiver of class actions is not dissociable from the other provisions of the arbitration provision and, where the waiver of the class action is found to be invalid and unenforceable and there is recourse to that provision, any class action or representative procedure is tried in court and is not subject to that right. Arbitration decision. a) green light. The entity provides a (1) green light for external placement in a place visible to passers-by. After your card is activated, you will be asked to create a personal identification number (“CODE PIN”) for your corresponding card account. You can change your PIN for your account in the Greenlight app or by phone at 888-483-2645. You should not put your PIN on your card or keep your PIN with your card. Never share your code with anyone. When entering your PIN, make sure it cannot be observed by other people and do not enter your PIN in a terminal that appears to be modified or suspicious.

If you feel that someone has obtained unauthorized access to your PIN, you should notify us immediately in accordance with the procedures of the paragraph entitled “Your responsibility for unauthorized transfers.” In accordance with the Privacy Shield principles, Little Green Light is committed to resolving data protection complaints and complaints about the collection or use of personal data by Little Green Light, which are transferred to the United States in accordance with the Data Protection Shield.

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