Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement Act

1. their right to a 5% share of ore mining revenues at Voisey`s Bay was not properly calculated in light of the refining costs of ore in Newfoundland; 1. Short Title 2. Interpretation PART ILABRADOR Inuit LAND claimS AGREEMENT 3. Agreement status 4. Powers and rights of the Board of Directors 5. Conflict 6. Permission to sign 7. Land property 8. Payment obligations 8.1 Tax treatment agreement 8.2 Application of municipal taxation to non-beneficiaries 9. Judicial communication and proof of Law 10. Law 11. Orders and regulations 12.

Communication 13. Chapter 22 Validity 14. Part related to the crown IICONSEQUENTIAL AMENDMENTS 15. Act 16 Aquaculture Act 17. Archives Act 18. Real Cat`s Act 19. On child care 20. Children, Youth and Family Services Act 21. Children`s Act 22. Conveyancing Act 23.

Crown Royalties Act 24. Arrest of the drunk Law 25. Electrical Power Control Act, 1994 26. Emergency Measures Act 27. Environmental Protection Act 29. Executive Council Act 30. Exhumation Act 31. Expropriation Act 32. Family Assistance Act 34. Financial Administration Act 35. Fish Inspection Act 36.

Forestry Act 37. Health and Community Services Act 38. 41. Income and Employment Act 42. Intestate Succession Act 43. Judgment Enforcement Act 44. Lands Act 45. Restrictions Law 46. Liquor Control Act 47.

Mechanics` Link Act 48. Mineral Act 49. Mineral Holdings Impost Act 50. Motorized snow vehicles Act 51. Municipalities Act, 1999 52. National Parks Lands Act 53. Neglected Adults Welfare Act 54. Petroleum and Natural Gas Act 55. Provincial Parks Act 56.

Gesetz der Kommission fer effentlicheDienstleistungen 57. PublicTender 5 Act 58. Utilities Act 59. Public Utilities Acquisition of Lands Act 60. Quarry Materials Act, 1998-61. Quieting of Titles Act 62. Schools Act, 1997 63. Marriage Celebration Act 64. Support Orders Enforcement Act 65. Gesetz er die Stadt- und Raumplanung, 2000 66. Water Resources Act 67.

Wild Life Act 68. Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Act 69. The Court also found that the province breached its obligation to consult with the Nunatsiavut government, as requested by the treaty, by not informing it of a reduction or removal of the Voisey`s Bay mineral tax and by failing to consult with them in advance to negotiate the modifier agreements. After finding a breach of the duty to consult under the treaty, the Court did not consider whether there had been a breach of the common law. Whatever the reasons for Newfoundland and Labrador`s accession to Canada in 1949, the province continued to administer Aboriginal people, with the federal government providing various subsidies to pay for Labrador services. However, under this plan, federal funds have been made available to all residents of eligible Labrador communities, not the Aboriginal population. The treaty is a constitutionally protected agreement with a modern land claim between Labrador Inuit (now represented by the Nunatsiavut government), the province and Canada. After decades of negotiations, the treaty came into force in December 2005.

The Nunatsiavut government has the power to establish its own judicial system and enact laws on land and resource management, education, health, culture and language. The Government Legislature is headquartered in Hopedale and its administrative centre in Nain. In addition, there are five Inuit community governments in Nain, Makkovik, Hopedale, Postville and Rigolet.

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