Uidai Asa Agreement

Please apply for a service contract and vouchers. After filing documentation, due diligence and approval, your account will be activated. The Aadhaar authentication ecosystem has a provision in which any agency wishing to authenticate the aadhaar hairs of its customers/employees, etc., can contact an existing AUA (Authentication User Agency). Any agency that enters into an agreement with the AAU is defined as sub-AUA. Any agency wishing to become a direct AUA must enter into an agreement with UIDAI. In this article, you`ll find step-by-step instructions to get AadhaarAPI on board and find resources that can help you integrate it into your website/product. Remember, we`re always a click away from help in case you cross an obstacle. To start boarding with AadhaarAPI.com for access, please delete a request UIDAI provided a special page with API error management policies in the application. For more information on Aadhaar utilities, encryption and regulation, visit the UIDAI developer website. AadhaarAPI.com is a Quagga Tech platform that provides technology services to Agreggator Marketplace for KYC digital components.

We offer SDK which are plug-n-play services from Aadhaar Authentication, eKYC and eSign. We provide a secure link to your website, server or mobile app to access Aadhaar services through the licensee. An ASA may enter into a formal contract with auAs. UIDAI contains a number of proposed directives that can be included in the contract between an ASA and an AAU. However, any contract (and, if applicable, terms and conditions) between an ASA and AAU is left to the exclusive discretion of the signatory parties and UIDAI has no obligation to them. SDKs can only be accessed if UNIQUE_API_KEY is sent as a head setting for each query. The key can be regenerated or erased from the dashboard. Authentication Service Agency (ASA) – ASA is any entity that transmits authentication requirements on behalf of one or more AAAs to the CIDR. The ASA allows intermediaries to mediate.

You have a secure connection with the CIDR and forward AAU authentication requests to the CIDR. THE ASA receive the response from CIDR and refer it to the AAU.

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