Antidumping Suspension Agreements

Commerce publishes the proposed amendment to the public notice. Comments will be due by 17:00 P.m EDT on September 28, 2020. The draft amendment is available to users registered under (reference A-821-802) and is also published in the Federal Register. The trade aims to amend the agreement by 5 October 2020 at the latest, which would allow trade to avoid the eventual termination of the agreement and the reopening of the suspended anti-dumping investigation into Russian uranium. (iii) a special regime for determining the regional industry. If the Commission, in its final finding of the compliant opinion of Section 705 B) or Section 735 (b) of the Act, is aware of the regional industry, however, in the absence of an interim provision consistent with the provisions of section 703 (a) or section 733, (a) by law, exporters and producers or the government must submit to the Secretary a proposal for a suspension agreement as part of an anti-dumping investigation involving a non-market economy country or an investigation into countervailing duty within 15 days of the publication of the anti-dumping or countervailing regulation. i) In general. The Secretary informs all parties to the proposal to suspend an investigation and provides the petitioner with a copy of the suspension agreement adopted provisionally by the secretary (the agreement must contain compliance control procedures and a declaration of compliance with the requirements of Section 704 or Desart734 of the Act) as part of: d) control. With respect to the follow-up of a suspension agreement under Section 704 (c), Section 734 (c) or Section 734 (l) of the Act (agreements to eliminate adverse effects or limit the volume of imports), the Secretary is not required to set permanent prices in the United States for affected products or similar domestic products. (A) In the case of an anti-dumping investigation, 15 days after the date of issuance of the interim declaration or 8 January 2015, Imperial Sugar Company (Imperial) and AmCane Sugar LLC (AmCane) respectively informed the department that they had asked the International Trade Commission (ITC) to review the AD agreement pursuant to Section 734 (h) of the Act to determine whether the adverse effects of imports of the products in question were completely eliminated by the AD agreement.

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