Commvault End User License And Limited Warranty Agreement

11. LICENSE SCOPE. The software is licensed, not sold. Unless you are granted other rights under applicable law, Microsoft reserves all other rights that are not expressly granted under this Agreement, whether implicitly, estoppel or otherwise. In doing so, you must respect all the technical constraints of the software that only allow you to use them in a certain way. You don`t have the right 4.1. Confidential information. “confidential information,” any non-public business or technical information of any of the parties, including, but not limited, information relating to product plans, customers, designs, costs, prices, finances, marketing plans, business opportunities, personnel, research, development or know-how; (b) any information described as “confidential” or “property” by one of the parties, which would reasonably be considered confidential in the circumstances under consideration as a whole; (c) the terms of this agreement; or (d) your data. “Confidential information” does not contain information that is or enters public without violating this agreement; (ii) the receiving party is legally received by a third party without limitation of disclosure and without breach of a confidentiality obligation; (iii) the receiving party knew before receiving this information from the revealing party; or (iv) the receiving part is developed independently, without reference to confidential information. b) reassignment.

You can reassign a license, but not within 90 days of the last award. You can reassign a license earlier if you remove the licensed server to which the license is assigned due to a permanent hardware error. If you re-assign a license, the server to which you will reassign the license becomes the new licensed server for that license. 12.1. You must keep Commvault, its senior executives, directors, employees and representatives, by and against third parties, all claims, losses, losses, damages, expenses, expenses, expenses and expenses (including reasonable legal fees), bonuses, fines or invoices that are imposed on us due to or in connection with your use of services, including, but not limited to your fault. : (a) intentional or gross negligence, unscathed. (b) violation of applicable law, (c) non-compliance with the security obligations required by this agreement, (d) embezzlement or violation of the intellectual property rights of a third party or (e) violation of this agreement. Your obligations under this Section 12.1 include claims arising from the actions or omissions of your employees, service users, anyone else you have authorized to access the Services or your Data, and anyone with access to the Services or Your Data, due to your failure to apply appropriate security measures , even if you have not authorized the actions or omissions of these individuals. 3.1. Your commitments. You agree to take each of the following steps: (i) use the services only for legitimate business purposes, in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and rules, including those relating to data protection, transfer and storage of technical or personal data, communications, spammer communications, copyright, export control, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act , the FCPA, our acceptable use policy and the terms of this agreement; (ii) to pay royalties for services when they are due; (iii) put in place appropriate security measures to allow your staff or anyone else you provide access to, including private keys and other security options, to access services; (iv) to cooperate with our appropriate investigation into failures, security issues and any alleged violations of this agreement; (v) any licensing or use conditions for software, technology, content, services or websites (whether you are made available by our services or by a third party) that you use or access when using the Services; (vi) be responsible for the use of services by you and your service users (as defined below) and anyone else who has access to your data or services; (vii) to make economically appropriate efforts

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