Continental Quality Assurance Agreement

CONSIDERING that the purpose of these terms and conditions of purchase, as they may be modified and/or completed from time to time, is to define the conditions under which the buyer (contractor) purchases goods and/or services from the supplier (contractor) in the context of supply and/or service contracts, and that the supplier (contractor) is required to deliver supplies and/or services, deliver those supplies to the buyer (customer) and comply with the delivery agreement. 4.11. The supplier must constantly monitor the quality of the items it supplies. 36.6. If the results require the use of existing and protected intellectual property (including patents and other intellectual rights) belonging to the supplier (contractor) or to a third party, the supplier (contractor) assures and guarantees to the buyer (customer) that the supplier (subcontractor) has duly acquired and formalized all rights relating to the use of these intellectual property by entering into a licensing agreement or by other means, and the use of these intellectual property rights, particularly by the buyer (customer) does not violate the rights of third parties. The supplier (contractor) does not have the right to demand from the buyer (customer) an additional payment (fees, etc.) for the use of the intellectual property mentioned above, which is already included in his remuneration. 38.2. The agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and prevails over previous agreements, ex-press or tacit, written or oral. Any amendment or modification of the agreement is binding between the parties only if it is part of a subsequent agreement executed by the plenipotentiaries of the parties.

Any further modification of the contract by either party does not constitute an authorization given to the supplier to delay deliveries or the authorization given to the contractor to delay or stop the provision of services. Delivery contract – the agreement between the buyer and the supplier, which is made from the following documents, in order of priority: the order, the delivery contract with its annexes and these general terms of purchase.

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