Mundra Port Concession Agreement

The project will increase cargo handling capacity on the west coast and provide customers in northern and central India with an alternative port and strengthen the rapid economic growth of the state of Gujarat and India. The port of Mundra is India`s largest private port. Mundra is located in Kutch District, Gujarat State, on the northern coast of the Gulf of Kutch, about 50 kilometres south of Anjar and 20 km east of the port of Mandvi. About 60,000 people, mostly migrants, live in the port of Mundra. Next to the port area, there is a large area of land for development. Part of this sector is now declared and functionalLY SEZ, which is now the largest multi-product port based on THE COUNTRY. [14] This SEZ is suitable for service in the northern and northwestern hinterland of India, which accounts for two-thirds of India`s GDP. The area is connected to the national road, rail and pipeline network. Spread over an area of 84 km2, it includes the port, container terminals, rail, airport, container transport station and storage tanks. Mundra Port has also developed an adequate infrastructure for cargo evacuation, taking into account the inverted funnel concept. According to the concept, the capacity of a port`s evacuation infrastructure should be more than naval infrastructure. [Clarification needed] On January 6, 2012, MPSEZ expanded its port operations and changed its name to Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZ).

[4] The port has its own fleet of tugs and pilots. Mundra Port also has a fleet of shovels to carry out main activities and dredging and maintenance activities, ensuring that Mundra Port has the deepest design of any port in India. [15] In addition, the Mundra Harbour Basin, on the south side of Navinal Island, is being developed in two phases to improve the choir carma. Phase IIA, expected to be completed in 2010, includes breakwaters, dredging, recovery and construction of a basin container terminal, two roll-on/roll-off service locations, a handcrafted berth, and support and backup facilities. The track will be expanded and a new liquefied natural gas berth will be added. The port of Mundra is also building its road network and widening the existing two-lane road by two lanes. Mundra Port offers an inland inland connection through rail, road, airport and cross-country ski pipelines. It claims to have a considerable distance advantage over other ports to most destinations in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Mundra Port has not only played a pioneering role in the concept of an integrated port model, but also of port-based SEZ. The multi-product SEZ, consisting of mundra port and the environment, is expected to span 135 square kilometres.

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