Cat Customer Value Agreements

Each CVA offers different elements depending on the industry and the Cat product. See the pages above for specific details of the CVA. But for every CVA, you can expect these four areas of property value. As a complete solutions provider, Warren CAT focuses on providing value-added services that save your business time and money. A Cat CVA includes more than regular maintenance and repairs. If you opt for a CVA with Carolina Cat, you will have a committed partner who will focus on providing solutions that reduce your unit costs and increase your profits. Our team will work with you to develop a program for your Cat and Non-Cat devices, based on the best strategies to improve productivity and reduce the cost of ownership and operation. From servigating your fleet at optimal intervals to repairing or rebuilding components to extend the life of aging machines, we help you get the most out of your investment. A Cat® Customer Value Agreement is an easy property plan for your convenience. Original Cat® parts if you need them, right at your door, with instructions for easy maintenance. You benefit from the security of an Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) and specialized assistance against unexpected repair costs. You have security by checking the status of the machine directly through your phone.

And all of this can be included in your monthly payment per machine. It`s an easy plan to use Cat value – beyond the machine – to maximize your investment and reduce operating costs. It is a CVA. Your Cat distributor can guide you with flexible CVA options: Scheduled Maintenance Management (PM) according to work schedules, whether you can perform maintenance or prioritize dealer service, the extent of EPP coverage and much more. Below you will find the main reasons why you find the value in a CVA. A CVA is an individual plan for all your devices, regardless of age or application, with no pre-reduced requirements. It can cover an aircraft, systems or entire fleets. While a CVA is a great tool for managing new Cat devices from the beginning, agreements can be written down even after the sale to help you control costs and improve availability. Below are the main reasons why you will find a CVA: CVAs combine advice to resellers, simple parts purchases and options for flexible payment terms. Trouble-free maintenance opens up the efficiency of Planned Maintenance (PM) like never before. Parts are delivered on time, directly to you. Reseller service includes trained professionals who can work with your schedule to minimize downtime.

No matter how you install parts, you get original Cat parts developed in collaboration with the machines that protect them. Optimized for machine and application, Cat parts can extend the life of your components by up to 50%. And with a CVA, they deliver exactly where you need it. Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) helps make your Cat machine easy to own and ready to use.

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