Church Leadership Agreement

We are strengthening existing churches. Strong churches are led by strong leaders. That is why we equip leaders to increase their efficiency in service and fulfill the unique vocation god has given them. Converge trains you with the tools you need to grow as a leader and develop new frameworks. We teach you how to break down barriers to growth, develop effective outreach and youth strategies, and support them financially, in order to increase the effectiveness of service and reach more people in your community for Jesus. Our coaching and coverage networks provide you with the support you need to maintain spiritual, emotional and physical health, so that your service and personal life thrive. As a department head or servant at Baptist Beulah Church, I partner with the community to give my commitment to my leadership. I will faithfully strive to fulfil all the responsibilities of my position. ___I accepts the terms of this agreement and will do everything in its power to fulfill all its obligations. However, if for any reason I cannot fulfill any of the responsibilities and obligations of this Union, I will consult my pastor honestly and abandon my position as head or officer of the Church. I realize that if I do not meet the conditions for this membership, I disobey the Word of God.

(Hebrews 13:17) ___I am not in a position, at this stage, to fulfill all the responsibilities and obligations of this agreement. I deviate from this position so that the pastor can appoint someone who can do so. The latest resources to strengthen your church and personal service Please check one of the following statements, sign and date. . ___________________________________________________. . . .

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