Virginia Child Custody Agreement

Examples of elements that could influence a custody agreement could be if a party remarried and the new spouse let them move in. It could be some kind of changing need of the child, such as education or emotional development. To the extent that a person is unable to prove to the Tribunal that there has been a material change that is expected to affect the timing of the custodial sentence or the manner in which custody decisions should be made, the Tribunal will not change the custody order. If you are a parent without a custody agreement in Fairfax or elsewhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you should immediately contact a serious family law attorney. Shared custody is about the physical part of the custody, not the legal part of the custody. It concerns the sharing of children`s time between parents. In Virginia, shared custody is a term describing a custody agreement in which the non-guardian parent, the parent who has less time, has the children for 91 days or more per year. A custody agreement in Virginia is usually referred to as a co-parenting agreement or custody agreement plan, which usually contains a custody agreement accompanied by an educational plan. The ultimate goal of a custody agreement is to determine physical custody and legal custody. It is important to remember that the entire decision-making process must focus on the “well-being of the children” and how both parents are best placed to meet the needs of their children.

The “welfare of a child” is a standard adopted by Virginia in all areas of family law. It states that the “well-being of a child” or the child is at the centre of any decision-making process, while respecting all laws and legal provisions. If you are faced with a custody dispute, nothing is more important than entering into a custody and access agreement that is in your child`s best interest. A solid understanding of your legal basis will be essential. That`s why the attorneys at Livesay &Myers, P.C. have put together this Virginia custody guide to provide you with the information you need to defend your child`s best interests. All of this can be easily achieved without a lawyer using do-it-yourself software that offers structured guidance and support. The software uses a template format containing sample worksheets and sample forms containing specific guidelines, provisions, provisions, and clauses. This gives parents the confidence to negotiate the terms of the agreement and represent the “well-being of their children.” Ultimately, parents are able to enter into a full quality Virginia custody agreement. The importance and benefits of all features of the software will only be fully understood or appreciated after the conclusion and custody agreement put into effect in Virginia. For example, if you can easily document, modify, and track your agreement, both parents receive accurate information and hard data that helps minimize confusion, frustration, and conflict.

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