Welsh Water Build Over Agreement Contact Number

Your construction work may require a building permit or a building permit from the local authority. Some work falls under the owners` authorized development rights or may not require approval of a building permit (things like verandas, carports, and porches sometimes fall into this category). The normal way to do this is to lengthen the piping (known as the ventilation pipe) outwards and leave the end open (but protected by a net to prevent the birds from joining). To prevent odours from entering a building, the open end of the ventilation pipe must be at least three metres to the side of an opening in a building or extended 0.9 metres above it. During this time, we are not available to answer calls or postal requests. The most effective way to contact us is by email. Building on top of or near a sewer pipe can damage the pipe itself or your home. This could lead to increased costs for our customers and cause you significant disruption. So, if there are sewer pipes on your property, you should consider the location, size and design of your construction work before you start and contact us before the work begins. To transport the flow and avoid clogging, the drain or sewer 2 2000 00000 to that of the ground floor must generally be at least 0.8m lower. If it`s less, you should seek advice from a builder, architect, or drainage engineer….

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